To be a world-class respected heat exchanger and emission after-treatment solution provider

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Company Profile

Yinlun is the leader of China in the field of mechanical cooling such as engine, automobile and construction machinery which has been dedicated to maximizing the values of customers, shareholders and employees.


Yinlun was reformed in 1999 from the state-owned machinery factory in Tiantai that was established in 1958. It is a young and vibrant private listed company in China that specializes in oil, water and gas heat exchange. Its sales value in 2000 is RMB 1.47 billion. Yinlun is China’s largest manufacturer of coolers of engine, automobile, construction machinery, etc. For many years, Yinlong has applied its own professional skills into new field so that its business can be continuously expanded and extended to the market of agricultural civil...



This strategy includes:

Vision, mission, goal and strategy

Vision:To be a world-class respected heat exchanger and emission after-treatment solution provider

Mission:To build a better life for society, customers and shareholders by providing values through heat exchanger and emission after-treatment products and service



Yinlun now has a history of more than 50 years. It has gone through three major stages of development, i.e.

from 1958 to 1999 | from 1999 to 2007 | and from 2007 till now, respectively as a local state-owned enterprise, local private enterprise and domestic listed enterprise.

From 1958 to 1999 as a local state-owned enterprise



Based on the theory of lean manufacture, by incorporating management mode of famous enterprises and modern management methods such as DBS, CBS, 6Sigma, 7-Step, 8D and QSB, and according to the actual conditions of Yinlun, Yinlun has developed on its own a kind of management model with the obvious characteristics of Yinlun. That is YBS, namely Yinlun business system...

>> YBS,Yinlun Business System


Code of Conduct

Love of motherland, love of people, love of cause and love of life are the sources of Yinlun’s cohesion. “Honesty and excellence, struggle and innovation, modesty and studiousness, unity and collaboration” is the essence of Yinlun’s enterprise culture. It is the conduct code of Yinlun’s employees to unite all the strength that can be united, integrate all the resources that can be integrated, mobilize all positive factors that can be mobilized, dare to deny oneself, face the music, and be ready to help others.


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